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The Precision Matsuura MC-500 VS Machining Center

The first step. The program is written for milling the bottom of the base.
First the flat base, then the outside contour.
Then the holes and finally the chamfers to break the edges.

Machining the Base of a Tower Speaker Clamp

The blank aluminum stock before machining.

The first operation of machining the base

The blank part is clamped in the vice and the process starts.

Shell milling the top surface. The cut is made so the chips are thrown to the rear and the trailing cut takes
about 0.0001" to create a very smooth finish. This mill has horsepower to spare.

Spot drilling the holes

Operation 1 is complete and ready for Operation 2 of 3.
There will be more material removed on the flip side to leave the square boss.

The finished bases in shiny rows.

Here is the finished speaker mount

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